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Vividworks, LLC provides a wide range of products and services, including General IT consulting, systems design and management, data cabling and remote support.  Our focus has always been on the small and medium business market. We realize there are a large number of small/medium business owners that do not yet have the need for a dedicated, full time IT-professional on the payroll. The cost of employing a full time IT Professional can be significant, especially if the organization is not yet large enough to require a dedicated IT employee.


Our mission is to provide the highest value to our clients, enabling them to focus their attention and resources on other critical revenue-generating areas. Our goal is to provide the full spectrum of Information Technology and Information Security services.Our aim is to provide personalized service to every client, regardless of their size or industry. 


  • None of the hassle and cost of employee turn-over

  • No need to worry about employee benefits, salaries or bonuses

  • Immediate access to technicians with in-depth knowledge in specific areas/industries.

  • No need to rely on "Bob from Accounting" for your IT needs.

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